Hesham Eraqi is a Senior Expert of AI and Chief AI Scientist at Valeo and an Adjunct Faculty at the Computer Science and Engineering department at the American University in Cairo. He received his BSc and MSc degrees in Electronics and Computer Engineering from Cairo University and his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the American University in Cairo with Highest Honors and highest GPA in class with an award-winning PhD thesis. With 10 years of experience working in the automotive software industry besides academia, his experience mixes between the development of high tech awards-winning commercial products and conducting pure academic research. His projects list, filed patents, papers, and book chapters are mainly in the field of AI and Autonomous Driving and his applied research team at Valeo aims to enable new products in these areas.

Hesham has conducted hundreds of industrial training hours worldwide and delivered 50+ keynotes worldwide. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at the top 4 universities in Egypt and taught with Udacity, besides, he advised 10+ MSc theses and graduation projects. He is the chairperson, advisory board, and program committee member in top international conferences in his area including NeurIPS and ECCV workshops and AV Silicon Valley, and he is an active reviewer at 20+ major journals and conferences. Hesham’s technical web articles are viewed hundreds of thousands of times and his open source contributions are downloaded tens of thousands of times.


I’m always open to helping whenever I can, so whether it’s for a general question, giving some helpful feedback, or even some casual chit-chat, feel free to hit me up at hesham.eraqi@gmail.com or heraqi@aucegypt.edu