Highlights of my advised Graduation Projects & Theses

Reactive Collision Avoidance using Evolutionary Neural Networks

AUC, Spring 2020

Team: Heba Hussein - Mariam Gaafar - Mariam Mohamed - Aya Moemen - Melissa Milad

Implementing collision avoidance mechanism in automated guided vehicles (AGV) using Evolutionary Neural Networks. The network first learns the weights in a simulated environment in Gazebo simulator, then the weights are transferred to the AGV network which continues to improve the learned weights in the real environment.

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Deep Visual Speech Recognition (Lip Reading)

AUC, Fall 2020

Team: Hadeel Mabrouk - Shahd El-Ashmawy - Omar Abugabal - Marian Ramsis - Farah El-Ashmawy

Pervasive Sonar-based Smartphones Control Suite

AUC, Fall 2020

Team: Sara Ahmed - Ahmed M. Ibrahim - Ayman El-Refai - Ahmed Ibrahim - Mariam Abul-Ela

CIL Self-Driving Car

Electronics and communication Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Spring 2020

Team: Ahmed Hossam Mohamed Ali - Ahmed Mohamed Sleem Abd-Alaal - Ahmed Mohamed Abd-Elkarim Mohamed Gomaa - Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abd-Elmonem Zahwy - Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud Hamza - Adham Fattouh Saad Hussein Metwally - Abdullah Adel Gaber Hassan Ali - Omar Khamis Mohamed Ahmed Shokr - Mahmoud Mohamed Abdullah Mansour - Nour El-din Abd-Elfatah Mohamed El-Sayed

A self-driving car based on Conditional Imitation Learning. The project was sponsored by Valeo.

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